With high-quality built, versatile design, and amazing use of technology; the barbeque grills available at the UK’s leading retail store BBQs 2u have all the features available in one box grill. From charcoal to infrared grilling, the napoleon grills have mastered the grilling technology to be able to be used by everyone who has no prior experience with the art of making grilled food.

BBQs 2u often conduct demonstrations at their stores through which their customers can not only learn about the various products that they sell but also about the basics of grilling. At the most competitive price, BBQs 2u sells the best Kamado Joe UK product range that can fit the needs of everyone.

Their customer service is exceptional and provides troubleshooting assistance and even backup services if anything goes wrong with your Napoleon appliances that they sell with a 10 years warranty period. All the materials used in building these grills are highly durable and can easily withstand year-round temperatures in the UK when installed outdoors.

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven can be bought from the official website of BBQs 2u or Amazon if it is deliverable to your location. All the UK customers can easily book the oven at the official website and get it home delivered or pick from the local store.  

Instant flames after 15 minutes of heating period and adjustable dial that makes it easy to control the heat is what makes this pizza oven very superior to other pizza cookers available in the market. These ovens are covered by a steel shell which is insulated to protect the cooking surface of the appliance when it is installed in the backyard and the weather gets harsh.

Insulation of the oven also allows the oven to retain maximum heat for effective cooking. The oven needs basic accessories like perforated peel that helps in easy sliding and even turning the pizza while it is baking. Those who prefer wooden peels can buy their bamboo pizza peel at affordable prices and enjoy launching their pizza on the baking board with these lightweight accessories.

The speed at which it delivers cooked pizza ensures that the party guests do not have to wait long to enjoy a delicious stone-baked pizza. The oven is portable, compact, and can start cooking pizza as soon as it is delivered. It just needs to get connected to a propane gas source.

Because the oven is gas-powered, the problems associated with smoke residue also disappear. However, the pizzas still carry the flavor of the flames because these pizza ovens are installed with a flame keeper device which is a patented technology that exposes the food to rolling flames to get that authentic flavor.

On their Instagram profile, bbqs2u, they keep uploading ongoing offers in which their customers can get their new pizza ovens at amazing discounts or know if their favorite product is back in stock or not.  Their customers can also get a basic idea regarding the product range and what can suit their cooking needs.