I am shocked. Are you aware that consuming water stations at the work can contain contaminated consuming water? It’s correct. Yet, huge numbers of people begin using these every work day.

Offices around the world offer stations with the idea of supplying safe consuming water. Truth is, this and not the safest method to stay hydrated.

So, how can you really have contaminated consuming water at these consuming water stations? Well, many offices don’t correctly take proper care of them. Cleaning these stations must be done regularly. Most places don’t do that. When they do, they will use plain tap water to wash it and a few unhealthy cleaning solution.

Taps, sinks, piping, and hoses may have build ups of contaminants. Using plain tap water will certainly not clean a consuming station correctly. So, all the purified water put into the station is going to be contaminated.

What happens can be found in plain tap water? It isn’t good. Prescription medications, pesticides, gasoline, fertilizers, and lots of other chemicals which are toxic have been in your public water systems. This is exactly what most offices use to wash out their water stations.

Plastic can be used to keep the purified water. I am sure you have often seen the big, blue colored jugs around. The issue with this is actually the plastic can break lower with time. This would not be an excessive amount of an issue however these jugs are re-used again and again for a long time. The plastic breaks lower and provides off a compound that’s a very toxic agent.

Individuals are consuming more water from all of these stations than in the past. There is a wave of health awareness happening around the world. Regrettably, these good intentions are causing people to take bacteria and chemicals from consuming water stations. Consuming contaminated water might be causing more damage than good.