Who’s up for a delicious cocktail? There are quite a few good-looking bars in Montreal, CA. We know of some restaurants with the most picturesque views. Perhaps Riverside bar & resto would be a good option for a Saturday eve. It’s a great place to relax with your friends, fur balls (cats and dogs), family, and even a blind date.

The bar and resto are located along a canal in the scenic Saint Henri. It has an outdoor as well as indoor space, a great terrace, and some fun activities to indulge in.

Of course, there are other cafes in Saint Henri, but we’re not here to unravel a couple of bars and restaurants here. We’re here to share the cocktails you can try around here. Let’s get started!

Cocktails for Saturday Eves

Here’s a list of cocktails you can try at the bars and restaurants at the riverside bar. When you step into the restaurant, it can be difficult to pick the best concoction. We can help!

Consider us your little guide while choosing the best cocktails at the Riverside.

  1. Jack Collins – Soda, sucre, citron, and Jack Daniels – that’s what goes inside the tasty yet versatile Jack Collins. It’s wonderful drink and you must try it at the Riverside. The bartender will ensure that you get the drink with a swanky presentation.
  2. Mule – Who doesn’t love the good old’ Mule? Berlin Mule has gingembre, lime, and Jägermeister. You are certainly going to enjoy this one. It’s a classic, and is a total hit among men and women.
  3. Mojito – It is one of the oldest and most likeable drinks out there. Mojito has some kind of freshness – thanks to the mint leaves. The bartenders add sucre, soda, lime, menthe, and barcardi superior in the cocktail.
  4. Sangria – You get the best of both worlds with this drink. Sangria has brandy, sweet wine, cut fruits like apple, pomegranates, and sometimes oranges. The ingredients depend on the place you are going to, but brandy and wine are the key ingredients of the drink. Moreover, it can’t be complete without chopped fruits.
  5. Hendricks Gimlet – St. Germain, lime, and Hendricks is all you need for making this tasty drink. But, don’t get into the mess of DIY.

Simply head to the Riverside bar and resto and enjoy these drinks. You can enjoy them alone, or better still take a date along.

The riverside ambience and the amazing décor are an add-on. Let’s not forget that the Riverside serves some delicious snacks and mains too.