“Eating organic isn’t a trend, it’s a return to tradition”

With increasing cancer cases, obesity concerns, and other lifestyle-associated diseases; people are getting alert about what they consume.

Organic foods date back to the 1940s and have recently gained prominence as a trend and luxury food. These foods are environment-friendly and make use of most conventional fertilizers and pesticides.

The most common organic foods are vegetables and fruits but even organic dairy, eggs, milk, and meat have been gaining popularity.

What is organic meat?

Meat can be claimed to be organic when animals are raised with their natural behaviors taken into consideration; when they are fed on 100% organic forage and feed, and antibiotics or hormones aren’t administered into them.

Difference between organic and non-organic meat

1] Farm practices

Meat quality relies upon how the animal is raised and cared for in the farm. On organic farms, animals are fed fresh grass and outdoor rearing is practiced. This ensures superior meat quality.

Non-organic animals are often bombarded with antibiotics and hormones, which can cause severe issues when consumed.

2] Use of drugs

Non-organic animals often look plump because they are treated with drugs, hormones, and antibiotics.

When meat containing hormones is consumed, it can cause issues like obesity, diabetes, increased risk of cancer, uterine fibroids, thyroid diseases etc. These antibiotics might cause resistant bacteria strains, which in turn may harm the health of a consumer.

Organic farm-raised animals are fed on grass and are never injected with drugs. If the animals have some infection and require antibiotic treatment, they are removed from the organic livestock completely.

3] Fat and calorie content

Organic meat has fewer calories and offer better health benefits with high level of omega 3 acids.

4] Flavor

Organic meat is believed to be more flavorful than non-organic meat. This is only a subjective belief and can’t be said with certainty.

Just buying meat because it’s titled organic doesn’t certify it as organic. There are organic farms which perform ill practices. Hence, knowing where your organic meat comes from becomes a necessity. One could visit the ranches and observe how the organic food production works.

Papa Earth organic meat; sources its products from ethical farms. Hence, doing the grunt work for you and ensuring you the best quality organic meat.


Knowing what you are eating is highly essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Organic meat might be difficult to afford but the treatments to illnesses are more expensive.