Sea buckthorn is an exotic plant growing in very specific regions of Europe and Asia. It is therefore a rare fruit and very difficult to find in local markets. 

It has a significant positive impact on human health. It’s known to keep the skin and hair healthy and, being loaded with nutrients, it is also used to treat and prevent several diseases.  

Many people worldwide are consuming sea buckthorn in their diet for medicinal purposes. If you are here, you certainly must have given a thought to joining this group! However; if sea buckthorn is so rare, how do you acquire it? Fret not! It can be purchased online.  

There are a few things you should be considering before you buy sea buckthorn online. 

1] Ease of use 

If you can navigate through the website of the online seller with ease, it indicates efforts have been put to enhance user experience. If you can easily locate your product on the website and order it without any hassles, you are at the right place. Also, don’t forget to check product quality certifications and other product instructions to make the right purchase. Make sure your sea buckthorn package is coming from a legit source.

2] Shipping of various products 

Sea buckthorn is available in wide varieties. Get acquainted with shipping and packaging details of different varieties to get its best quality. If you are getting bare root shrubs, it’s good to receive them in a dormant state, which will save costs for the substrate in a pot. They should ideally be packed with wet wood chips, which will keep the shrubs moist and fresh. Frozen sea buckthorn should be transmitted in insulated shipping containers and shipped via overnight delivery when possible. 

3] Returns and cancelation policy 

What do you do if your sea buckthorn arrives in a dead and dry condition? What if you decide on not buying it anymore? For this purpose, you must check the return and cancellation policies of the online store. Omega Fruit; the manufacturer selling sea buckthorn and fabricating sea buckthorn products online has a good return policy for instance. If your sea buckthorn arrives in a dried and dead condition; which is seldom; you can get it replaced. This is applicable for up to 1 year after shipment. 

Lastly, check the payment options available and online reviews to be sure; and get your sea buckthorn from quality services.