Fruits, oats, wheat and popular vegetables including the famous Welsh Leek. Wales has a lot of good quality Welsh food available. From traditional dishes and tasty treats, there are a plethora of Welsh recipes you should try out. You’ll be surprised at just how many delicious Welsh foods there are that you probably haven’t tried before. Here are some of the ones you must try at least once while in Wales!

Welsh Cakes

Let’s kick it off with the land of Welsh treats and desserts. From fruity baked treats to amber puddings, let’s dive into some of these famous treats. The traditional sweet bread of Wales, Welsh cakes have been popular since the 19th century. Crossed between a cookie, scone and a pancake, there is no other cake like it. Made from flour, butter, currants, eggs and milk, alongside spices including cinnamon and nutmeg to create a hint of warmth.

Bara Brith

Barabrith is a delicious cake made from yeast dough and fruit preserves. The cake is a rich, dark brown in colour. It has a dense, moist texture and can be eaten fresh or cold. It tastes best with milk poured over it. Barabrith is often served during the holidays as an accompaniment to cheese and wine but is just as popular at any time of the year.

Cawl Cennin

There are many variations to this dish, but the most common ingredients are lamb and leeks. The potatoes are added for texture and flavour. The broth is usually seasoned with salt and pepper as well as finely chopped herbs like parsley or thyme for flavour.

Mari Lwyd

The Mari Lwyd is a traditional Welsh wassail drink that is now served as a Christmas treat. The Mari Lwyd, or Grey Mare, is traditionally made with hot ale, sugar and spices. It’s then poured into the hollowed-out skull of a horse that has been decorated with ribbons, bells and flowers. The Mari Lwyd will then be passed around for people to enjoy at the beginning of the Christmas season.

Welsh Lamb Stew

Lamb has been an important part of Welsh cuisine since Roman times and is the most popular meat in Wales. It is often used in pies, casseroles and stews. One of the most famous dishes made with lamb is Welsh Lamb Stew, which originated in North Wales. This hearty dish can be found throughout Wales but was first written about by W.Owen Pughe in 1794.

Selsig Morgannwg

This sizzling dish is a Welsh delicacy that has been eaten for centuries. It’s made of onions, bacon, and cheese cooked in a mixture of butter and flour until it becomes thick. The mixture is then poured over the top of your favourite steak and grilled to perfection. It can be served as an appetiser or as the main course, but this dish is perfect for any occasion.

Castell Coch Pork Pie

A Castell Coch pork pie is a traditional Welsh dish that consists of a pastry crust and minced pork filling. The dish typically contains a mixture of onions, bacon, salt, pepper and thyme. They are often served as snacks or appetisers in Wales.