Getting together with your age-old buddies or lifelong friends calls for a celebratory occasion! It is most likely that you will pop open a few bottles of drinks while you cherish and recollect your fun memories and make more of them.

Fries are a comfort food! It is a food with the potential to connect you to youthful days. Fries are easy to prepare and loved by everyone which is why whenever you are having a party, they are something you must include in the menu. 

Fries form a side dish for many recipes. Not only that, they are also an easy and preferred appetizers to consume with drinks. 

Here are a few beverages that go perfectly with fries! 

1] Beer 

You must have noticed how places that specialize and are renowned for fries often serve quality beers. This is no coincidence; since beer and fries are the perfect combination to kick back, relax, and have some quality time. Beer contains malt which when combined with the sweet taste of potatoes gets flavorful. Even if you go for greasy fries; they pair significantly well with beer due to the natural crisp taste of beer that cuts through the greasiness of fries. Beer and fries are the perfect combo when you want to share some quality laughs with your friends 

2] Wine 

Wine and Fries; the two most perfect things in the world when combined are irreplaceable! Wine is dominated by ripe, tangy citrus notes, which when combined with a scrumptious poutine or truffle fries, can give you a memorable experience. 

3] Champagne 

Everyone fancies champagne since it is a symbol of quintessential, upmarket celebratory drink. It has been officially claimed that champagne and fries form a delectable combination. The saltiness and crunch of fries is effortlessly complemented by the Champagne’s acidity and bubbles. Giving Champagne and fries a mathematical treatment, it can be stated that the outcome of high acid and bubbles combined with salt and fat is magical! 

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