Thinking of ordering a pizza this week? Perhaps you’re in for a pizza today itself! 

There are many toppings to choose from. Olives, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, pepperoni, chicken sausages, and all the goodies – you can have a major feast! 

The good part about pizzas is that you can experiment with different kinds of toppings. Nothing tastes bad! 

On second thoughts – why do you want to stick with pizza? You can order some side dishes with it! How about ordering a combo? Pizza combos are the best! You might think it is expensive and unnecessary, but there are many perks of ordering a combo. 

Let’s take a quick look at this article! We have highlighted the reasons to order a pizza combo in Montreal. 

Pizza Combos allow you to try Everything 

When you order a pizza combo, you are getting the pizza along with fries and beverages. 

If the pizza place is accommodating, they will let you choose the side dish too. However, you wouldn’t need to ask for separate combos because pizza places like Double Pizza Montreal have amazing combos. 

You could have the best of both worlds. For example, you order a pizza and get fries and garlic bread, this way you get to taste 2-3 dishes. 

Pizzas are Dull without Fizzy Drinks 

Of course, you can enjoy a beer or some wine with pizza, but nothing beats the good old fizzy drink. Pepsi is the most popular drink and it is available at most pizza places like Double Pizza. 

It amplifies the overall taste and makes you want to have more slices. 

When you order a combo, you get Pepsi too. There’s always a choice – you could choose a different beverage as well. 

Get something fizzy, bubbly, and sweet with the pizza. 

You Save More and Eat More 

It’s a myth that combos are more expensive. Yes, you are spending extra bucks, but it only helps you save money. 

When you buy a combo, you get the goodies at a deal price. So, technically, you are paying less. 

If you buy everything separately, it would cost more. However, if you order a combo meal, you will get to eat all kinds of goodies at a deal price. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We wouldn’t miss ordering a combo! It has all things yummy and people love having variety on the table. 

If you have to feed a whole family this weekend, consider buying a combo from Double Pizza.