What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you think of Vietnamese food? Well, it’s mostly non-vegetarian food. There is nothing wrong with it. Whenever we have talked of Vietnamese food, we have discussed non-vegetarian food. You must know that there are some great vegetarian dishes to try as well.

The people of Vietnam definitely love non-vegetarian food a lot. However, there is no denial that vegetarian food is equally delicious. Given below are some of the best vegetarian dishes that you can never go wrong with. These include the following:

Veggie Vietnamese Sandwich

You will not ever know the flavours, the deliciousness of a Veggie Vietnamese Sandwich until you try it. It is also referred to as the Banh Mi Chay. It has received a lot of love from people around the world.

It is served with some soy sauce or chilli sauce. Made using fresh veggies, this sandwich is not only delicious but also very filling. It is one of the perfect delicacies for breakfast. You are likely to be pleased with the taste. Well, let us tell you that these are quite aesthetic as well.

Veggie Pho

When you talk about pho, you only know pork, or beef. Well, you must know that there is more to it. The meatless version of pho is one of the best to try. This traditional soup broth is made using vegetarian ingredients.

The bowl is served with fresh herbs, lines, bean sprouts and chilis. A small cup of soy sauce is added to the overall soup to enhance its flavour. No matter when you have it, this soup can be the perfect addition to your daily routine.

You can find the different versions of Pho in a Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne. Express Lane is one of the most popular restaurants wherein you can find a wide range of Vietnamese foods.

Nom Du Du

While the name may sound to you, it is advisable to note that this is not a new dish. A popular salad, Nom Du Du, is made of papaya. It is made using thinly sliced papayas which is further mixed with peanuts, carrots, coriander seed and basil. A sauce made of honey and rice vinegar is added to the overall salad to improve the taste.

It completely depends on how you want to consume. You can either make a simple salad or a savoury one. If you’re making a savoury one, ensure to add the sauces in limited quantities.

Rice Porridge with Mung Beans

Mung Beans are quite an important part of Vietnamese food. Well, rice porridge with mung beans in Vietnam is popularly known as Chao Dau Xanh. It is the perfect choice for a savoury breakfast. It is quite mushy and has a strong aroma that contributes significantly to its overall taste.

Fried Rice Cake

Popularly known as Bot Chien, fried rice cake is one of the best dishes to try. Whether or
not you're a complete vegetarian, you are going to love this dish a lot. The fried rice is
cooked on a hot pan. It is garnished with green papaya, peanuts, spring onions and carrot
slices to give it an additional flavour.