Doughnuts are a type of leavened, deep-fried dough that bakers typically serve either warm or cold. These delicious desserts come from homemade recipes but can also be found in specialty shops, bakeries, and supermarkets. There are many options for doughnuts, which can make anyone’s mouth water.

The French word donut, which means “ringing of dough,” is what gave rise to the name “doughnut.” It’s a simplified version of “donut,” which has been in use since the late 19th century. However, it doesn’t matter much how you spell it. The term “donut” was used initially in the U.S. to denote a yeast-raised dessert.

This sweet treat’s primary function is to add sweetness–and it has become a success ever since.

The earliest known reference of donuts comes from Washington Irving’s 1808 short story, History of New York (,

Entenmann’s%2C%20Hostess%20and%20Little%20Debbie). He described fried doughnuts made with sweetened dough, fried, and then fried in hog’s grease. It is the first recorded use of the term. Despite being popular in 19th-century America, it was not widely known until the Great Depression. The Salvation Army distributed sweets to American troops.

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See the infographic to find out more about the Italian donuts Cirelli and Co. have created:

Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne [Infographic]