Each year as summer time draws to some close I’ve found myself searching ahead to warming up your kitchen and filling the home using the wonderful aromas of hearty soups and stews.

It’s enjoyable to alter our meal planning from lighter summer time menus to traditional fall foods. Eating seasonally means enjoying particular foods when they’re in their ripest and freshest. Fall may be the height of the harvest for a lot of vegetables and fruit.

In the finish of summer time, the gardens consist of ingredients for creating tasty, one-pot meals for example Garden Patch Soup.

This soup is filled with nutritious and flavorful vegetables. It’s been a cafe or restaurant customer favorite soup for more than two decades. You heard right. For more than twenty years my restaurant customers have relied on this soup being featured every fall. Center never quits serving customers favorite recipes.

The soup recipe requires beef, but you should use chicken or pork or omit the meat altogether, adding more beans and veggies. Left-over chili could be substituted with the beans.

So as you can tell, this soup recipe is wonderfully flexible. The recipe has as numerous variations because there are cooks but it doesn’t matter how you decide to tweak the recipe, it will likely be scrumptious.

The soup you are making out of this effective restaurant recipe could keep your family warm, healthy, full, happy and grateful for that Fall bounty because the weather turns awesome.